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Plan  is simple  and  functional which  encourages easy implementation with  local skills. SQE is the  mantra for  standardization of structural arrangement ,where SQE stands for speed.Quality and  Economy designed in response to bioclimatic Architectural Principles with  solar passive techniques making the energy  efficient built  form  for the sustainable architecture.

Whereas  the salient  features  of architectural design  are as under.

– Strategic Approach and  Orientation.

– Enegry Efficiency

– Proficienct Economy

– Water  management and  Sustainability

– Architectural Identity.


The building has been developed with a C-shaped plan where the inner core of ‘C’ houses the hearing hall under the shadow of C-block facing North.  The corridor adjoining   the main building and the hearing hall is derives natural light through the Glass pyramid, making the movement in the passage a solace experience.The North  side of the building has enough glazing to receive natural light to illuminate  the inner core whereas the service corridor at East, South and West end cut down  the unwanted  solar radiation   to enter the inner  core of the building making it a optimized energy management strategy.

 The roof top of the building has solar panels to harvest for 1Okw power to be used by the building and indirectly the shadow of the solar panel on the roof top will prevent the building block from unwanted heat gain, cutting down the expenditure on the thermal comfort on air-conditioning account.

 The rain water collected in the roof top has been channelized to rain harvesting pit for recharging the ground  water .

 False ceiling has been done  only in the hearing hall for acoustics and control  of light. All the cable management  in the building  has been done  using a hanging tray in the corridor area, making it easily maintainable service infrastructure  . Sim­ ilarly the PHD, Fire fighting and Air conditioning ducts are easily accessible from the service corridor making the post performance of the building sustainable .Less energy less water and less material is the mantra of future sustainability .