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Odisha State Medical Corporation, Bhubaneswar after being formed in the year 2015,as a part of government policy to provide medicine to the common  people of odisha free of cost,was asked to inherite an old building of 1964 which was being used by the health dept. as maleria eradication  programme,centrally located this building was to be renovated to a corporate ambience of OSMC with all modern recuirement with optimum  uses of space and resources.

 The  brief demanded  to renovate the existing structures at the same possessed a polished corporate/professional  look and feel.

 The idea was to blend creativity and a corporate theme together to induce a balanced harmony in the existing and proposed design of Odisha State Medical Corporation, Bhubaneswar.


Total  plot  area = 140919.94 sqm Existing structure = 23738.6 sqm Proposed buildings = 29806.60  sqm


Proposed Buildings =29806.60sgm

Dormitory=  1615.14 sqm

Conference = 6148.82 sqm

Office block = 18131.32 sqm

Laboratory =  3911.31 sqm