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In the process of campus expansion it was needed to accommodate about   1200  students in a hostel with  all ancillary facilities s uch as dining, recreation, store,  onvenient shops, laundry, barber shop  along with  the room  for  the physically challenged people.

  The hostel  has been developed into  four  wings,  where  the rooms are clubbed around a central  corridor, intermingle to form courtyards. the longer  axis of all the wings  are parallel  to each other  facing north  arranged in a staggered  manner to form  a architectural symphony synchronies with  the site domain. These wings  terminates at the service corridor connecting to the dining, and  other  service areas. In  the toilet core is sunken from the main  Boor area with  a accessible service entry  for the maintenance of its PHD lines making it maintenance free. Provision  of 8 nos. of lifts, fire fighting staircases and fire hydrants are the integral part  of the building design.  A roof  top solar power  panels will produce 80kw electricity to be used by the hostel where as the storm water will be harvested to raise the ground water  as well  as will be used for the services.